Rules & regulations

These rules and regulations apply in addition to the terms and conditions.

Account holders

  1. Account holders are those who start an account for the purpose of receiving newsleters or create a listing in the water directory.
  2. You don't have to create an account as such, you can also login using your exising account with linkedIn, Google, Facebook, twitter, Yahoo and Microsoft
  3. A single company can have multiple users.
  4. There are no setup fees for starting an account
  5. You need an account before you can create a listing. There are currently no limitations on the number of listings an account holder can create
  6. Water directory may block individuals and certain companies from creating accounts at its own discretion and existing Accounts can be deleted at the discretion of water directory


  1. All new listings and edits to listings are subject to the approval of water directory due to editorial reasons
  2. Listings may be immediately available on the directory after creation, however this does not indicate approval by water directory and water directory may remove listings at any stage after its creation
  3. Water directory charges for listings based on features. Refer to the membership page for additional information on products
  4. Water directory may create additional listing type at its own discretion
  5. Account holders may upgrade listings to a higher type

Listing Category

  1. All category selections are subject to approval by water directory as the category selection must be appropriate to the product or service being listed
  2. The number of categories the listingis shown in depends on the product. The category can be changed anytime by the account holder by logging in. Water directory can change the directory for you at its discretion if it finds that another category is more suitable to the account holders products and services.
  3. The category must be suitable for the products and services offered by the account holder as determined by water directory. Water directory can suspend and/ or cancel listings if the account holder refuses to accept an alternative category selected by water directory.
  4. Can't find a category that suits you? Or do you have a better idea of a category that would apply to you. Write to us and if we agree we will create a new category for your products and services.

Overseas Advertisers

  1. Paid overseas listings are permitted

Payment for listings

  1. All payments including credit card payments to water directory are processed through the PayPal payment gateway. You don't need a paypal account to make a credit card payment.


  1. If you wish to cancel your listing, we will refund your payment.
  2. Refunds on any paid listing are on a pro-rata basis based on 365 days a year
  3. Refunds will only be via PayPal to your email address, paypal account, credit card or registered bank account.