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Companies that provide field services to the water industry including contaminated site services, diving/video inspections, dredging, geo-spatial, geo-technical Investigations, groundwater monitoring, environmental monitoring, environmental restoration, laboratory services, maintenance services, reservoir cleaning, waterproofing, surveys, sewer cleaning, sewer repairs and rehabilitation, leak detection services, operational services and commissioning services

Contaminated Site Services  (0)

Contaminated site services including Site remediation

Dredging  (0)

Geospatial  (0)

GIS/ GPS Mapping Services

Environmental monitoring  (0)

Environmental Services

Laboratory Services  (1)

Laboratory/ Analytical/ Testing/ Pilot Plant Testing/ Ecotoxicity/ R&D

Surveys  (0)

Waste management  (0)

Waste management services including garbage collection

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X-Pando Products Company

500 Southard Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08638
United States

3M Water Infrastructure

3M Center, Bldg 223-02-S-21
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
United States

Severn Trent Services, Inc.

3000 Advance Lane
Colmar, Pennsylvania 18915
United States

Pipeline Pigging Products

Houston, TX 77269-2005
Houston, Texas 77269-2005
United States

International Paint / Devoe Coatings

640 North Rocky River Drive
Berea, Ohio 44017
United States

Hurco Technologies, Inc.

409 Enterprise Street
Harrisburg, South Dakota 57032-2148
United States


9747 Whithorn Drive
Houston, Texas 77095-5250
United States

Charlatte of America

600 Mountain Lane
Bluefield, Virginia 24605-0968
United States

Dixon Engineering, Inc.

1104 3rd Avenue
Lake Odessa, Michigan 48849-1191
United States

3M Corrosion Protection Products

3M Center Bldg. 22302S24
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55144-1000
United States