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Plant & Equipment Suppliers  (232)

Plant and equipment suppliers including turnkey suppliers, fabricators, package plants, domestic systems and technology suppliers

Consulting Services  (50)

Providers of consulting and professional services to the water sector

Contractors  (9)

Construction and Installation contractors and sub-contractors

Field Services  (71)

Companies that provide field services to the water industry

Chemical Suppliers  (21)

Chemical suppliers to the water industry

Major Infrastructure Providers  (0)

Major private sector water companies with annual Australian revenues greater than $250m that usually operate in the environments of Alliances, Build, Own, Operate (BOO), Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT), Design, Build, Operate (DBO) and Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Recruitment Services  (0)

Recruiters, employment agents or head hunters that operate in the water sector to provide full time, part time or contract employees

Utilities  (0)

Public or private sector water utilities that own and operate large water infrastructure or landfill facilities. This category includes bulk and retail water suppliers.

Government Agencies  (0)

Federal, state or local government agencies or water authorities that regulate or operate water infrastructure or provide water related services

Financial Services  (0)

Financial Institutions including banks and other funding agencies that operate in the water sector

Associations  (1)

Water related industry associations including non-profit organisations

Education Services  (2)

Educational institutions providing water related education courses and water related education services

Publications  (2)

Water related publications including online publications and resources